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A Wide Network

Albert Genau systems are on sale in almost 86 countries. Our far & wide network goes through Germany to South Korea and Canada to China. We have over 400 manufacturer dealers all around the world and we provide them 7/24 support.

Approved Quality

We have a European Patent which is valid in 38 European countries. Tiara & Slide Master systems are tested by PfB German Technical Institute and achieved high level test result on Air, Water, Wind Permeability & impact tests.

Innovative Products

Albert Genau has innovation awards due to its patent& innovative company mentality for "Heat Insulated Balcony Glazing Systems". We always develop more competitive and preferable systems with smart glazing solutions.

40 Years Expertise

We are a global player with our 40 years of experience.  Every day thousands of customers prefer Albert Genau systems all over the world. We are ready to share our experiences with you. Let’s grow your business together.

Have you ever seen our projects?


Vina Del Mar | CHILE

System | Tiara 08
Number of Systems | 122 systems
Glass Type | 8 mm Tempered Glass / Single Glass
Balcony Type | 5 different types



Umea | SWEDEN2

System | Zenon and Balumax
Complete Balcony Solution
Number of Systems | 230 systems
Glass Type | 8 mm Tempered Glass
Balcony Type | 6 different types



Toveshoj | DENMARK

System | SlideMaster Twin
Number of Systems | 138 systems
Glass Type | 4+20+4 Heat Insulated / Double Glazed
Balcony Type | 3 different type




I’ve been in pvc window and door business for more than 20 years. I’ve my own production plant and 8 employees work with me. When I met Albert Genau glazing systems, I liked them a lot but I was wondering if I could manufacture them or not. I trusted Albert Genau and ordered the products last summer. I didn’t think it would be that much easy. The manufacturing and installation of Albert Genau systems are very easy. All accessories are provided in boxes. Also Albert Genau developed special machines to speed up manufacturing. Briefly, they thought everything to the smallest detail.

Joseph A.

Balcony glazing systems have attracted my attention for a long time. I’m an aluminum window producer. I started manufacturing balcony glazing systems with some other brands but Albert Genau systems are very different. Everything was thought up to the smallest detail. Systems are very comfortable, strong, aesthetic and the important point is; my customers are very happy with Albert Genau.

Giuseppe C.

I’ve manufactured balcony glazing systems for 4 years. Glazing systems are very suitable products for wintergarden closure and room partitions. I have offered many products to my customers. Quality-oriented products missed my customers but poor quality products were problem for them. Finally, I’ve met Albert genau at Veteco Fair in Spain. Best price, quality and innovation are all together! I’ve growed my business, employeed 2 worker and now I’m preparing for a new showroom.

David H.

We are manufacturing our own pergola and glass ceiling systems. Recently, the demand for glazing closures under our products has started to increase. At first, we’ve agreed with a company but we had very big problems with disassembled products. When we wanted to manufacture our own system, it was very hard for us to invest. Albert Genau found us and we started with them. They were very professional and answered my all questions professionally. They trained our technicians. Now we manufacture the systems with Albert Genau’s special punch press machines in a perfect way. We can offer a lot of product options to our customers and manufacture the systems in any dimensions they want.

Mariusz S.


  • 21 September 2023

    Albert Genau Veranda

    A veranda is an outdoor architectural feature, typically covered by a roof and supported by pillars or posts. It is situated at the front or rear of a building, providing an inviting space for relaxation and outdoor activities. Verandas are popular

  • 24 March 2021

    Red Dot Product Design Award 2021 to Albert Genau!

    Albert Genau Won The Most Prestigious Award in Europe! The Red Dot Design Awards, established in 1955, are internationally recognized as a quality mark for good design. The competition, which evaluates product design, communication design, packaging

  • 29 December 2020

    Golden Plumb to Albert Genau for the Innovation!

    Albert Genau Won The Innovative Product of the Facade Glass System Award! Vertiflex All-Clean / Tambalkon®, a new and patented product of the global brand Albert Genau, has been selected as "Innovative Product in Construction". As Albert Genau opera

  • 18 April 2019

    VertiFlex is a Perfect Solution for Horecas!

    Vertiflex Automatic Guillotine Glazing System; is a remote-controlled,motorized, chained, movable handrail glazing system. The system can be used as a moving handrail system in hotel glazing, café glazing, restaurant glazing, balcony glazing, and sta

  • 10 March 2019

    Extend your living area with Albert Genau Solutions!

    Albert Genau heat insulated balcony glazing system commits 5 time more insulation comparing to single glass balcony glazing systems. Contrary to popular belief, with a proper glass type choice, Albert Genau provides your balcony also stay cool in hot

  • 29 March 2018

    Thank you from Albert Genau

    Thank you visiting us at Fensterbau Frontale .

  • 14 April 2017

    Albert Genau Balcony Glazing Systems are now European Patented

    Albert Genau Balcony Glazing Systems are now European Patented Tiara Twinmax, The Heat Insulated Balcony Glazing System of Albert Genau has been granted by European Patent Office with the patent number, EP16159287.8. Albert Genau, the leader innov

  • 12 April 2017

    New Headquarters Building

    Albert Genau has officially moved into its newly constructed headquarters located in Ankara, Turkey. The new building offers benefits for both staff and stakeholders, including added capabilities to conduct on-site training in its big showroom and t

  • 14 November 2016

    Heat Insulated Balcony Glazing | Albert Genau

    Albert Genau released new Heat Insulated balcony system Tiara to market. In dictionary meaning Tiara means “CROWN” has the most efficient heat insulation which is most needed in balcony glazing systems. We as Albert Genau desired to produce somethin


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Why Balcony Glazing?

Balcony glazing, glass balconies, balcony closing, folding glass balcony and many terms such above named terms are very well know terms among numerous users who want to use their balconies more functionally.

Why Albert Genau?

Are all of the balcony glazing systems the same? Technological differences that stand out in folding balcony glass systems. High insulated glass balcony systems that can be applied to all balconies.