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Albert Genau Veranda 21 September 2023

A veranda is an outdoor architectural feature, typically covered by a roof and supported by pillars or posts. It is situated at the front or rear of a building, providing an inviting space for relaxation and outdoor activities. Verandas are popular for unwinding, spending quality time with loved ones, and enjoy the view.

We have briefly explained the answer to the question "What is a veranda?", which arouses intense curiosity in trends. Let's come to patio models and patio prices... Veranda closure, patio enclosure, etc. Patio models, also referred to by terms such as; it can be in different shapes and sizes depending on architectural styles, cultural traditions, and climatic conditions. They can often be made of wood, stone, metal, or other durable materials. Verandas, in front of or at the back of houses, unlike terraces, usually merge with the exterior of a building and are a wider building design. When building a patio, users find the prices of patio m2 very curious.


The pricing of verandas per square meter may be affected by several key factors:

Size: The size of the patio, construction materials, glass usage, etc. These factors affect the pricing of verandas per square. Larger verandas usually require more materials and labor.

Material Selection: The quality and type of materials to be used for the patio directly affect patio prices. Materials such as wood, aluminum, and steel can have different costs.

Glass Usage: If your patio will be closed with glass, the type and quality of glass also affect the cost. For example, the use of double-glazed or specially coated glass can increase patio prices.

Structural Difficulty: Factors such as the connection of the patio to the building, ground conditions, and structural difficulties related to patio models can also affect the price of the patio.

Design and Details: The design of the patio, additional features (such as heating system, lighting, pergola), and aesthetic details can increase the style of patio enclosure and patio prices.

Regional Differences: Geographical location also affects patio prices. Labor and material costs may vary in different regions, and the patio model is priced accordingly based on these factors.

Expertise and Workmanship: The employment of a skilled team impacts both the style of patio covering and its pricing.

To align with your specific needs and preferences, seeking a tailored quotation is the optimal approach. By evaluating diverse proposals, you can identify the most economical but high-quality choice. Click here for detailed patio pricing

Sliding glass balcony systems or automatic guillotine window systems are often used to close around the patio systems. Recently, windbreaker systems are also preferred as well as glass balcony systems. 

Airflex Terrace 2

Historically, verandas have been used to provide a comfortable living space, especially in hot climates. Nowadays, patio coverings serve both decorative and functional purposes, and they can be spotted in residences and structures across various climates.

These examples represent only a small sample of the diverse range of patio models available. Both the selection of patio models and their associated prices can vary significantly based on individual preferences, architectural styles, and geographical factors.

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