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VertiFlex ALL CLEAN - Climatic Facade System

Vertiflex All-Clean, Climatic Facade System
Not just an innovative design, it also has a revolutionary look!

Vertiflex All Clean can be adapted to modern architecture's proportion and aesthetic. This product can be evaluated as a second core of the building facade. This remote-controlled system has developed such a combination of balustrade/railing and balcony glazing system to reach the maximum panoramic view.    

Why "Vertiflex All-Clean"?

Awarded System

Vertiflex All-Clean awarded the Red Dot Product Design Award, IF Design Award, Good Design Award which are the most prestigious award in Europe & Asia!

"The Vertiflex All-Clean features an impressively minimalist aesthetic combined with high-quality workmanship and an innovative cleaning mechanism to produce an exceptional facade system".

- Red Dot Award Jury

Fully Functional

Remote Control!

As an option, the Vertiflex All-Clean can be integrated into smartphone systems with the appropriate receivers. In addition to the remote control, the system can also be controlled from smartphones compatible with IOS and Android. 

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quailtyQuality Proven

The system archived the highest results from the air, water and wind tests conducted by the Independent European Test Institute.

100% Cleaning with
Patented Design

Albert Genau patented "Movable Glass Panel System" provides safe, easy and 100% cleaning. 

Designed to Provide
Full Security

Unlike other guillotine systems in the market, Vertiflex All-Clean provides the highest security with its special design and locking mechanisms. 

usage Small

Usage Areas

"Not only the balcony but this system can also be applied to any places that are above the ground, need ventilation and cleaning. You can open and close more than one module at the same time with the help of one remote control!"

Vertiflex All-Clean
can be applied to many different usage areas, such as
wintergarden & under patios, balcony glazing,
restaurant & cafe glazing, swimming pool glazing, stadium glazing, hotel glazing, etc.

Tested & Approved
Climatic Facade System

Vertiflex All-Clean
is the FIRST and the ONLY system which achieved the highest results in its class from tests such as "wind resistance",
"water permeability",
"impact resistance"
conducted by the
"International Accredited Test Institute"  PfB in Germany.

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Safe & Easy
Comfortable Way of
100% Cleaning!

The outer glass panel is positioned approximately 20 cm above. The inmost and midmost panels open inwards with the help of
Albert Genau's patented movable glass panel system



Vertiflex All-Clean can be integrated with
all Albert Genau systems!

Vertiflex All-Clean can be applied in places with an angular and straight facade. However, you can use the design on the straight parts integrated with other Albert Genau glazing systems in oval or angled spaces.

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Thanks to its minimal aluminium profiles, the full panoramic view has been provided. Furthermore, the product is environmentally friendly. Another purpose of using minimal profiles is to let maximum sunlight in and minimize energy loss. Therefore, this system contributes to creating valuable and comfortable spaces that benefit from natural light and has an active role in the energy saving of the buildings. 



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Storm Durable Profiles

The profile is designed to resist extreme wind loads.

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Double Security for Glass Panels

Panel fixation occurs not only with side locks but also with the bottom profile.
This profile also helps to drain water. 

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Aesthetic Touches Hidden Junction Details

All vertical profile junctions are hidden with a special design cap profile.
This profile closes the side panel channel aesthetically. 

Technical Highlights  

maximum panel sizes

Panel Sizes 

In the system, there are four balancing wheels. A system can be made up of four panels—panel sizes are 4,5 meters in height, 2,5 meters in width or 4 meters in height, 3 meters in width.

hand safe


This unique profile is designed for Vertiflex to prevent jamming finger/ hand in the system. 

heavy lifting

Chain Conveyor System 
Designed for Heavy Lift

Each panel, produced using double steel chains, has a 400 kg lifting capacity and 8.51 mm - 14.75 mm chain lock thickness. 

silent motion

Silent & Perpetual

Albert Genau's patented G-Motion system; guarantees a quiet and comfortable movement. The balancing wheels provide smooth movement. In addition, the sealed motor caps have sound insulation.


hidden junction details

Hidden Junction

All vertical junctions are hidden.
A specially designed cap profile closes
the side panel channels aesthetically. 


double strengthened

Double Strengthened
Profile Frame 

The glass panels are combined with 8 screws, located 2 in each corner of the panel. As a result, the frames of glass panels are strengthened. 

AG motor

Albert Genau

In Vertiflex, Albert Genau branded motor, produced in Italy and has a five-year guarantee, is a standard.


easy installation

Easy Installation
& Fast Service

AIt's easy to montage and fast service thanks to the combination of partial side profiles, adjustable bottom profile and the freestanding motor mechanism.




All system profiles are covered by an EPDM gasket and brushes to provide maximum isolation. 

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