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AG Projects

What do we offer as AG Project Team?

As Albert Genau, we offer a "Balcony Glass Project Consultancy" service to professionals in the building sector. Within the scope of this service, preliminary analysis of the project is made with the architect, facade consultant firms and project owners. After the initial examination, considering the project's location, the strength values ​​required in the project (test data related to wind resistance, air, water, etc.), ease of use, alternatives for systems suitable for the project are recommended.

Our professional R&D team considers the width & height of the selected system and the number, width, and height of the panels. Besides the general sizes of the systems, the type and thicknesses of glass are, of course, taken into account. After analysing each concern, results are shared with managers and owners via prepared technical analysis and simulations.

Have you ever seen our projects?

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Vina Del Mar | CHILE

System | Tiara 08
Number of Systems | 122 systems
Glass Type | 8 mm Tempered Glass / Single Glass
Balcony Type | 5 different types

The Vista Higuerillas project is a renovation project located at the shores of Vina Del Mar in Chile. The building has 26 floors, and there are 122 balconies in 5 different types. Tiara 08 balcony glazing systems have been used in the project to allow a panoramic view the whole year.


Umea | Sweden

System | Zenon and Balumax Complete Balcony Solution
Number of Systems | 230 systems
Glass Type | 8 mm Tempered Glass
Balcony Type | 6 different types

Albert Genau had completed the Sagen Project in Umea, Sweden, which consisted of 230 balconies in 6 different types. A complete balcony solution was made for this project.

ncc sagen



Toveshoj | Denmark

System | SlideMaster Twin
Number of Systems | 138 systems
Glass Type | 4+20+4 Heat Insulated / Double Glazed
Balcony Type | 3 different types

The renovation project, located in the Aarhus region of Toveshaj in Denmark has 138 balconies in 3 different types. The system is planned to be SlideMaster Twin, a double-glazed sliding design to provide heat insulation and allow more open space. The SlideMaster product has been used as a mobile facade in this project.


Istanbul | TURKIYE

System | Tiara Twinmax and Balumax Heat-Insulated Balustrade
Number of Systems | 750 systems
Glass Type | 4+20+4 Heat Insulated / Double Glazed
Balcony Type | 13 different types

In this project, Tiara Twinmax, the heat insulated balcony glazing system, is integrated with Balumax, the heat insulated railing system. Thus, a holistic balcony solution has been provided to avoid any subsequent change in the insulation and facade architecture supplied in the balconies.




Ankara | Turkey

System | 4+12+4 Heat Insulated / Double Glazed
Number of Systems | 198 systems
Glass Type | 8 mm Tempered Glass / Single Glass
Balcony Type | 5 different types

Thermal insulation kept in the forefront for the 345 balconies of the residential project of YDA Group, Turkey’s leading construction company for residential and office projects. The Tiara TwinMax system has been assembled on the Balumax insulated balustrade system by providing a holistic balcony solution. In this way, insulation needs are responded to. Any subsequent changes in the facade architectural design of a building are avoided.



System | Tiara 10
Number of Systems | 72 systems
Glass Type | 10 mm Tempered Glazed
Balcony Type | 3 different types

Albert Genau Tiara10 balcony glazing system has been chosen by Folkart, the leading Turkish construction company of the Folkart Time project, and used the Tiara10 balcony glazing system. In the Folkart Time project, 72 balconies have been planned with the Albert Genau Tiara10 certificated by the PfB institute.


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