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Red Dot Product Design Award 2021 to Albert Genau! 24 March 2021

Albert Genau Won The Most Prestigious Award in Europe!

The Red Dot Design Awards, established in 1955, are internationally recognized as a quality mark for good design. The competition, which evaluates product design, communication design, packaging design and concept designs by the world's leading brands, also sheds light on current trends.

This year, more than 5,000 product design entries from 60 countries in 50 different categories were judged by independent and international jurors. The awards were given to products with the highest design quality and innovation degree. Vertiflex All-Clean called Tambalkon® in Turkey was also deemed worthy of the 2021 Product Design Award with its superior design performance.

Emphasizing that the functional and innovative insight reflected in the design of Albert Genau systems takes a significant part in the success they achieved in the Red Dot Award, Albert Genau Chairman Adil Işıldak said:

"As Albert Genau, we are pleased to see the results of our investments in technology and design, as well as the comfort and durability of our products. Our innovative approach and focus on making life easier played an important role in the success we achieved in the Red Dot, the world's most prestigious design competition. We are proud to be the first in the industry.

Our design innovations are elements that support our brand value and understanding of quality. Innovations made to meet our customers' expectations are validated by the design awards we receive one after the other.

You know that we, as Albert Genau, have been designing static, mechanical and kinematic systems for many years. Given the feedback from both the industry and our dealers, we create minimalist and trendsetting designs using our 37 years of research and development experience". 

In addition to our existing glazing systems, our new patented Vertiflex All- Clean system, which has a fully automatic operating principle due to our research and development work for about 2 years, continues to contribute to the industry in this sense. Vertiflex All-Clean has been the most demanded and recognized product in Turkey ever since it launched in March 2020.

The ease of installation and requirements of the product and customer satisfaction leads to this high demand and attention of Vertiflex All-Clean. Thus, this product has already been exhibited for more than 250 manufacturer-dealers in Turkey along with more than 60 countries, in particular, European countries at the same time.

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