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Manufacturer Dealer

You can manufacture systems and make installation to your customers or sell as a finished product to your sub-dealers.

Installer Dealer

You can install semi-finished systems to your customers.


You can both sell profiles and accessories, manufacture systems. (Only Statü Branded Products)

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Partnership in 7 Questions


1. What is “Albert Genau”?

For more than 37 years, as an innovative company, we have a product group including balcony glazing, sliding and folding glass solutions, balustrades and winter gardens. Our systems have been tested & approved according to the European standards and have been patented by European Patent Office. We have defined ourselves as a “system provider company”. Therefore, the best design, innovation and patents are our must’s. From Sweden to Chille, Albert Genau is represented in 52 different countries of global market. We have more than 300 manufacturer dealers which we provide full support all around the world.

2. How and in what way do you sell your products?

The most important condition for you to become our manufacturer dealer is to be a company where you can provide our partnership conditions and work with mutual respect and devotion. Therefore, our company's working principle is based on win-win relationship with its dealers and the brand only serves with its manufacturer dealers. Requests from the customers or construction projects are strictly contacted to our dealers.

3. Do you provide any training and computer program for product size calculations-modeling and pricing when I become your delaer?

Each of our experienced instructors, who have at least 10 years of experience, provides extensive production and assembly training on manufacturing and assembly. In addition, training of PC programs related with pricing and modeling are also provided. In addition, you can get technical supports according to your needs. Moreover, all of these services are offered free of charge

4. Do you carry out marketing activities for your dealers?

We give our dealers our marketing set of pictures, videos, catalogs and similar contents that they can use on their own websites. In addition, we also support our dealers in terms of advertisements from various platforms

5. Are the systems difficult to manufacture, which machines and how much stock area do I need?

Minimum Stock, Maximum Product Range” is the most important motto of the brand. You can easily produce with standard drills. Furthermore, for double glazed our company offers you advanced technology pneumatic machines that can perform 9 different operations includes drilling and notching. In this sense, an area of approximately 35m2 will be enough for your production.

6. Do you support your dealers in construction projects?

We have a project unit that can offer project support in 7 different languages. When we contact the construction companies, all the works necessary for our dealer to take that job are carried out with great care. If the size of the project exceeds the production capacity of our dealer, products can be supplied as ready to install. Hence, this will help you to move faster during the project. In addition to this, we can carry out special tests on our products according to the expectations and needs of the projects. Furthermore, revisions can be made in our systems upon the demands of the project. In this way, we have the largest product group in Europe with 38 different product groups.

7. How long does it take to get the products after my order?

The production process in our factory varies between 2-3 weeks according to the volume of the order. The remaining part depends on the shipping period.


Why AG Dealership ?

Dealership for 5 Products

Balcony Glazing Systems
Sliding Glazing Systems
Horizontal Sliding Walls
Balustrade Railing Systems
Automatic Guillotine Systems



We provide you our guidance expertise for all technical issues. Our technical department is always ready to support you.

EU Patented Systems

Tiara Balcony Glazing Systems, patented by European Patent Office.


EU patentoffice

Readymade Business

Albert Genau Dealership Organization: A well-though-through and readymade business model.


Machines for Glazing Systems

Special designed machines are from us to you to speed up your manufacturing for Tiara Twinmax and SlideMaster systems.



Brand Marketing Sets

We provide all materials for online and offline brand marketing.

Software Program

We provide you our software which helps you to calculate material quantities, manufacture measurements cost of the system. This software is totally free for all our dealers.


Don't worry !

The most economical products and the highest quality products exist together in our product range.

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Build your Sub-dealer Network

Our business model allows you to build your sub-dealer network and deliver finished product.


Our aim is enabling a platform for our dealers which they can produce a wide range of systems with their minimum stock.

Training Section

All our dealers have a training about Albert Genau products starting from sales to installation. Beside the training program, technical documents and manuals allow you to learn how to manufacture.

Costumers are directly forwarded to our dealers

We prefer to perform exploration, proposal and sales only through our contracted dealers. Our dealers are our valuable business partners that we see as the closest contact point to costumers. All customers who get in contact with us will be forwarded directly to our dealers.





Why Albert Genau

Custom Made Solution

AG Project Team provides you a special service for all sizes of projects. Our team elaborate on your project carefully and offer you the best solution.

ag project


Our aim is enabling a platform for our dealers which they can produce a wide range of systems with their minimum stock.

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Innovative Product Variety

We always develop more innovative and preferable systems.



Premium Brand

You can provide a Premium Branded system to your customers.

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ISO 9001-2008

Our business model allows you to build your sub-dealer network and deliver finished product.


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Engineering Precision

Detailed system design where beauty and functionality coexist.

International Test Certificates

Test certificate apporved. Pfb certificate is another sign of our superior quality.

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