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We started this journey with a motto. “Albert Genau must be the name of whatever we produce”. We try hard because from smallest part that we produce to the most complex ones, whatever we produce must be unique and deserving the Albert Genau name. We never feel tired about that because Albert Genau preserves its enthusiasm about turning innovative ideas to innovative products and securing its innovation culture on any action.

Our Patents and Utility Models                                                                                                                          

                1       momentum faydalı model        sürme

               yüz tanımalı kapı faydalı model       zenon tasarım belgesi1      end.tas.tes. kapı 1

Our International Certificates                                                                                                                          

de headex Albert Genau Zenon Balcony Glazing Systems


Albert Genau Altherma Insulated Aluminium Window Systemsift Rm