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Movable Glazing Systems

Professional balcony glass, balcony glazing and folding glass systems from Albert Genau


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Outdoor Living Solutions

A systems that is adding value to Venues and bearing the elegant and dynamic characteristics of the transparent nature of modernism


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Window Systems

Aesthetics, functionality, naturalness, unique combination of design and technology, the new generation of Albert Genau windows systems

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Retractable Awning Systems

Integrated folding awning systems for flexible living spaces


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Door Systems

Doors are result of the durability of metal, visuality of wood, transparency of glass and expertise of Albert Genau

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Passive Fire Protection

Certified professional fire protection solutions from Albert Genau

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Automatic Doors

Automatic door solutions suitable for all kinds of architectural structures

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Solar Systems

Next generation of air-conditioning systems with solar energy technology



ico soru Why Albert Genau ?

            Are all of the balcony glazing systems the same? Technological differences that stand out in folding balcony glass systems. High insulated glass balcony systems that can be applied to all balconies. The definite answer for you balcony glazing questions, Albert Genau Zenon.

ico cambalkon Why Balcony Glazing ?

            Balcony glazing, glass balconies, balcony closing, folding glass balcony and many terms such above named terms are very well know terms among numerous users who want to use their balconies more functionally.

ico yorum  What Did They Say About Us ?

             Please listen about the balcony glazing solutions that we introduced to our customers. Come and be one of the happy customers who got more than they expected after Glass balcony closing. Experience the difference in folding glass balcony systems.

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            Curve balconies, easy cleaning glasses, clean balconies, rain water isolation, wind resistant glasses, space-saving folding balcony glazing systems and the correct answer of many similar issues.