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Next Generation Balcony Glazing System Tiara, makes your balcony a useful room of your house.

The system has been developed to be used easily for years without requesting any technical service. To get an idea about how to use, watch the video now. In malls, restaurants, cafes, and offices, wherever you need a flexible solution to keep your space free when it is opened up, as well as secure and visible when it is closed.

Flexible solution
for all areas!

With Tiara, enjoy the limitless view and open yourself to outdoor life.

balcony glazing systems tiara albert genau smart glazing systems (1)

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  • All-glass slide-and-turn-system
  • No parking station for panels required
  • 8mm or 10 mm thickness glass usage
  • Max. panel sizes: 800 x 2700 mm
  • Various opening options are available
  • Largely prefabricated, therefore short installation times
  • No vertical frames, save your panorama
  • External glass surfaces are easy to clean from inside
  • This products are tested and certified by approval independent testing institutes
  • Integrated (top&bottom) 2-point lock for child safety/burglar resistance


Tiara system is a Sliding Folding System. The panels slide on the rails with the help of the top and bottom rollers. All the panels can be folded and stocked in the right or left side. In open position, the panels are positioned perpendicular to the rail profile.


su tahliye

Hidden Water Drainage

On top of the rail profile, there is a condensate channel for water drainage which enables effective rain drop drainage. The raindrops are not allowed to get inside with the help of guidance channels.


Unstoppable Movement

In Tiara, specially designed and covered rollers are used 4 on top and 4 on the bottom for each panel. This makes the system unstoppable. All panels are opened and closed in comfort with minimum friction and noise.

kanatlı revize

Not Falling and Dropping Panels

Albert Genau R&D department engineers developed a new locking mechanism. The system is called “ABL – Auto Brake Lock” and locks itself automatically when the panels fold. It provides panels are not falling and dropping.



Extra Safety - Pin System

The glass is not only mounted into panels with chemicals but also with pins can be mounted into the glass. This allows a safer usage for end users.

kulp revize

Esthetic Knob Lock

Albert Genau designed an optional knob lock mechanism. The knob lock mechanism provides stylish appearance, minimal design, and easy usage. 

Vertical Profile - More Isolation

Providing more isolation and keeping the places away from dust, noise, and water, Tiara vertical (frame) aluminum profiles, do not prevent your view with their thinner design. 


SlideMaster Sürme Cambalkon Sistemi (12)

100% Easy Clean

All panels can be folded and opened inside so it is very easy to clean inside and outside of the panels. 


Safety For Your Child

As a standard, on each hinged panel, there is Albert Genau Child Locks. While the system is locked it means your child is protected.

kanat sabitleme

Panel Fixing Apparatus

The panel fixing apparatus is attached to the bottom railing profile to secure stocked glass panels and prevent uncontrolled movement.


ayarprofili revize2

Height Adjustment Profile

Compatible with all Tiara systems, this profile allows an easy, fast and more precise solution for the system installations which need leveling. 


Angular Conjunction Lamella

With smartly designed lamella, perfect conjunction is provided in curved application areas. 

Suitable For All Areas

It is suitable for all types of balconies and HO-RE-CA places. Also, it is compatible with winter garden and awning (pergola) systems.



Albert Genau provides a 2-year warranty for the system includes system operability, aluminum profiles, and all accessories. 

EU patent

European Patent

The patent which has been granted by European Patent Office, is valid in 38 European countries that includes Germany, France, and Italy.

innovation sm

Pfb Certificate

Tiara Balcony Glazing Systems have been tested according to the norms stated by European Union and ranked high classes.


Anti Corrosion

Albert Genau hardwares have been manufactured with 100% stainless metals and under guarantee for 10 years.




Project: Incek Life Blue - Ankara
# of Systems: 226 Systems
# of Types: 9 Types
Total Glass: 2.076 sqm.

Albert Genau has successfully finished the Incek Life Blue Residential balcony project with 226 systems in 9 different types. Tiara 08 systems meet the technical and safety demands due to the high-level balconies of the project. 

folkart time bornova 84856


Project: Folkart Time - İzmir
# of Systems: 72 Systems
# of Types: 3 Types
Total Glass: 752 sqm.

The project which is located in Izmir, the third big city of Turkey, has been successfully completed with 72 systems in  3 different types. By the Tiara 10 Balcony Glazing System of Albert Genau which is applied in the luxury residence, a new room has been added into the flats.


Passed The Tests!


Isıcamlı Cambalkon Test Sertifikası (1)


Tiara Balcony Glazing System have been tested by German PfB Technical Institute for water test according to European Standards and achieved Class2A result.

Isıcamlı Cambalkon Test Sertifikası (2)


Tiara Balcony Glazing System have been tested by German PfB Technical Institute for wind permeability test according to European standards and had Class3 result.

Isıcamlı Cambalkon Test Sertifikası (3)


Tiara Balcony Glazing System have been tested by German PfB Technical Institute for impact test according to European standards and had ClassI2/E5 result.

Isıcamlı Cambalkon Test Sertifikası (2)


Tiara Balcony Glazing System have been tested by German PfB Technical Institute for impact test according to European standards and had ClassI2/E5 result.

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