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Guillotine Automatic Glazing System VertiFlex


Vertiflex Automatic Guillotine Glazing System; is a remote-controlled, motorized, chained, movable handrail glazing system. The system can be used as a moving handrail system in hotel glazing, café glazing, restaurant glazing, balcony glazing, and stadium glazing etc. In Vertiflex, the automatic guillotine glazing system, there are many patented innovations such as ”Hand-Safe Profile” which is a specially designed profile to prevent jamming finger/ hand. The system can be manufactured with 8 mm - 10 mm tempered glass or heat insulated glass and offers the maximum heat insulation among guillotine glazing systems with its own unique solutions.

Why VertiFlex?

4x4 System

In the system, there are 4 balancing wheels. A system with 4 panels, can be made up to 4 meters high, 4 meters in width.


SafeGuard Panel
Junction System


Special Albert Genau designed chain apparatus removes the problems due to breakage or stripping. The undermost panel is designed as unremovable, thus system provides safety against burglary.

Hand-Safe Profile

This special profile is designed for Vertiflex to prevent jamming finger/ hand in the system.

High-Level Isolation!

All system profiles are covered by EPDM gasket and brushes which provide maximum isolation. For additional insulation, brushes or foamy insulation gaskets can be applied in the double-bedded side profiles.

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Silent and Perpetual Motion

Albert Genau's patented G-Motion Motion system; guarantees a quiet and comfortable movement. The balancing wheels provide smooth movement. The sealed motor caps have sound insulation.

Precision Control Mechanism

Precision Control Mechanism provides a balanced movement. With the side profile caps, chain adjustment can be done whenever you need.

Easy Montage & Fast Service

Due to partial side profiles, adjustable bottom profile and freestanding motor mechanism, easy montage and fast service can be done.

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Model Options 

Albert Genau offers multiple panel numbers and system configurations for VertiFlex Automatic Guillotine.

VertiFlex All Clean

VertiFlex All Glass

VertiFlex Top

3 Different Types of Glass

In the system, 3 different glass types can be used as 5+12+5 Heat Insulated, 8 mm or 10 mm single tempered glass. Choosing the type of glass is dependent on the required insulation level and the location where the system will be applied.

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Vertical Movement Glazing Albert Genau Vertiflex Automatic Guillotine Systems (2)

Chain Conveyor System Designed for Heavy Lift

There are double chains in the system. The chain locks chain locks have 8,51 mm-14,75 mm thickness. Each chain can carry up to 400 kg weight and provides a smooth carrying of wide and heavy glass panels.

Giyotin Camlama Sistemi Motor

Albert Genau Motor

In Vertiflex, Albert Genau branded motor, which is produced in Italy and has 5 years guarantee, is a standard.

Tested & Approved by European Norms

Vertiflex Automatic Guillotine Glazing System has been tested according to the norms stated by European Union in accredited institute.

Isıcamlı Cambalkon Test Sertifikası (1)


Isıcamlı Cambalkon Test Sertifikası (2)


Isıcamlı Cambalkon Test Sertifikası (3)


Isıcamlı Cambalkon Test Sertifikası (2)


  Water Permeability Test - watch now!

  Impact Resistance Test - watch now!

Double Strengthened Profile Frame

The glass panels are combined with 8 screws, located 2 in each corner of the panel. The frames of glass panels is strengthened.

Vertical Movement Glazing Albert Genau Vertiflex Automatic Guillotine Systems (1)

Automatic System

The system can be moderated by remote control.


All in One Platform

VertiFlex meets all needs with just one platform. The system can be mounted without frames, folding at the top or with 4 panels.


You can manufacture this system and make installation to your customers.


Giyotin Cam Sistemi Maximum Panoramik Görüntü

Maximum Panoramic View

The clearness of the view is maximized by using the minimal design of the vertical and horizontal profiles which can obstruct the panoramic view.

Hidden Details
Aesthetic Touches

All vertical junctions are hidden. Specially designed cap profile closes the side panel channels aesthetically.


No Fingerprint Icon

Anti- Fingerprint Paint

The paint which is used in all aluminum profiles of the system, is an anti-fingerprint (non-fingerprinting), stain-resistant paint.

Application Types

2 Panels

Vertical Movement Glazing Albert Genau Vertiflex Automatic Guillotine Systems (3)

3 Panels

Vertical Movement Glazing Albert Genau Vertiflex Automatic Guillotine Systems (4)

4 Panels

Vertical Movement Glazing Albert Genau Vertiflex Automatic Guillotine Systems (5)

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