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SlideMaster - Heat Insulated Sliding Systems



SlideMaster - Heat Insulated Sliding System- raises the standarts of balcony glazing systems. Sliding systems have been renewed in terms of insulation, comfort and aesthetics and turn your balconies, wintergardens and restaurants into amazing living areas.

SlideMaster can be used both with heat insulated glass and single glass. The problem of insufficient insulation is solved by SlideMaster Sliding System which provides maximum panoramic and elegant view without the usage of any fixed corner profiles.System has the panoramic view due to its special panels which has the width up to 1.5m. These panels can be closed/opened comfortably with the help or advanced truck units and its special locking system.

Heat Insulated Sliding Systems application photographs

SlideMaster 14 REASONS


Perpetual Motion

SlideMaster uses Albert Genau’s native design Speed- HD Truck Units, which provides perpetual motion with minimum noise and friction.

albert genau slidemaster sliding glazing systems

SlideMaster Sürme Cambalkon Sistemi (9)

3D Insulation

In order to increase the insulation to a top level, insulation brushes are used in between the rail panel working slots, wall connections and the side profiles of the glass panels.

SlideMaster Sürme Cambalkon Sistemi (4)

No Barriers at The Corners

The side panel profile, developed specifically for L and U shaped places, provides maximum panoramic and elegant view without the usage of any fixed corner profiles.

SlideMaster Sürme Cambalkon Sistemi (4)

High Level Insulation

Based on the features used for heat insulated glass, the heat insulated version of the SlideMaster provides 4.3 times more insulation than a single glass. Now your living area will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


You can manufacture this systems and make installation to your customers.

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Safety Lock System Options

Diffirent places need diffirent types of locking systems. SlideMaster gives you to choose the best appropriate option among finger-pull locking and key hooked locking systems.

SM 325px


3 Different Types of Glass

A variation of 3 different glass thicknesses (4+12+4 heat insulated, 8 mm or 10 mm) can be used in the system. The choice of the glass thickness depends on the level of insulation or the characteristics of the application place.

SlideMaster Sürme Cambalkon Sistemi 11

Maximum Panoramic View

System has the panoramic view due to its special panels which has the width up to 1.5m. These panels can be closed/opened comfortably with the help or advanced truck units.

SlideMaster Sürme Cambalkon Sistemi (4)

Endless Rail System

With the special design of bottom rail, SlideMaster gives you the possibilty to have infinitely many rails. Due to the application possibility of unlimited numbers of panels, maximum size of covering can be reached.

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Stainless Steel Components

As all Albert Genau products are, the bearings are stainless steel and anti-corrosion components of SlideMaster are under the guarantee of Albert Genau.

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Drainage and Duct System

The rail based profile which is integrated to the system, works as water drainage system at the interior-bottom part. The same profile works as duct on the outer-upper part. So the system receives the least amount of water.

SlideMaster 3
SlideMaster Sürme Cambalkon Sistemi (13)

Curtain - Shutter - FlyScreen Integration

System can be integrated with blind or flyScreen at the outmost rail. Thus you are able to take the control over the sunlight and prevent flies entering inside.

SlideMaster Sürme Cambalkon Sistemi (12)

Easy Cleaning Inside Outside

Based on its special designed panels, the system allows inside-outside cleaning of the windows as all panels can be seperated when desired.

SlideMaster Sürme Cambalkon Sistemi (14)

Optional Threshold Heights

SlideMaster could be used on a standart or high threshold. In other words, system can provide flexible solutions for restaurants, cafes, winter gardens or balconies.

SlideMaster Sürme Cambalkon Sistemi (10)

Soft-Touch Easy Clean Surface

SlideMaster system has been developed considering both decorative aspect and functinality. Upon request, the system can be dyed in special gilded, dirt-free ESPC paint.


How does it work?

SlideMaster consists of the standart four rails designed by Albert Genau. Each glass panel moves on its own rail. Each panel would lock and pull each other when sliding the firstly exposed panel inwardly onwards the closing direction. Reaching the end point the panel you have pulled will lock itself smoothly. Just as simple, the system could be easliy opened partially or fully by applying a soft drive force backwards.


How to produce a sliding system in minutes!

Slidemaster Technical Video


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