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Albert Genau presents aesthetic and flexible solutions with its Horizontal Sliding Glass Wall Systems for your living areas. Sliding panels can be moved without using floor guides or channels. Bearings, bolts and locks help to keep each panel in fixed position. The panels are easy to adjust, align, and operate. The strong rollers allow the system to carry heavy panels.

In malls, restaurants, cafes and offices, wherever you need a flexible solution to keep your space free when it is opened up, as well as secure and visible when it is closed.

Atrium 9 REASONS


One Profile 3 HD Systems

Thanks to its special designed profile that can be used in 3 different systems; Atrium HD, Momentum HD and Centrum HD.

Momentum Tekerlek isometric1

Quattro HD Truck Unit

With its special, one Speed HD wheel can carry up to 150 kg that provides perpetual motion with minimum noise and friction . There are 4 bearings for carrying and 2 bearings for stability.

Cam Pimi Revize

Eccentric Glass Pins

The glass is not only mounted into panels with chemicals but also with pins can be mounted into the glass. This allows a safer usage for end users. Also eccentric pins allow to tolerate -/+ 2 mm failures of pin holes.


Atrium system is Movable Glass Wall Systems. Panels connected to the rail profile only by two roller. Each panel moves independently. The panels slides by rollers and stocked in parking space verticaly.

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Maximum Height Maximum View

Albert Genau HSW Systems offer a panoramic view with maximum glass heights and maximum panel widths. Glass panels can be done as 4 meter height and 1 meter width.

Açılı Fırça

Maximum Isolation with Angular Brushes

EPDM gaskets in the side profiles and special designed angular brushes placed on top of and bottom profile of the glass panels, will offer high isolation against wind, dust and noise.

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Flexible solutions for any field of application

Hotels, hospitals, restaurants, cafes, sports centers, retail, shopping malls, training centers. Albert Genau HSW systems can be applied wherever you need a flexible solution for your living area.

Panel Seçeneği

Choose Your Glass Thickness

The strong rollers allow the system to carry tempered or laminated glass as well as acrylic panels. You can choose your glass thickness as 10 mm / 12 mm.

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Hidden Parking Options

Albert Genau HSW systems has been developed considering both decorative aspect and functionality upon request, the system can be parked in different positions. The stack of panels can be folded parallel, stand visible or hidden behind columns.

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Anticorrosion Warranty

Just like in all Albert Genau systems, also accessories of HSW systems are under guarantee of anticorrosion.

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