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Albert Genau - Momentum from Albert Genau on Vimeo.



-Why is Momentum “the easiest way to open a store”?

 Momentum system is a display window glazing system that is used in cafes, restaurants, store displays, and so on. It is very easy to use, which is why we used the slogan of “the easiest way to open a store”. You can open or close the glass panels by pushing or pulling only one panel. Because the panels are all connected, they all move together. The small space it takes when it’s folded is very convenient for small areas. As shopping malls get more and more popular, we see that alternative shop and window glazing applications are getting prominent. Modern shopping malls are starting to make a habit of using the old bazaar layout. This provides the customers to go in and out of stores with ease, and enables shopkeepers to have constant access to their customers.

-How is Momentum different than Atrium?

All the glass panels in Momentum are connected, while Atrium’s panels are independent. Both systems use 10mm tempered glass, and the panels have a carrying system with steel pins. The application heights of the systems are different. Momentum’s maximum height is 2,5m, whereas Atrium’s is 3m. Atrium depends on the principal of all panels being gathered in a parking area, whereas Momentum doesn’t need a parking area. This means assembly of Momentum is very easy. Both systems can be used with or without thresholds.

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