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Albert Genau - Atrium from Albert Genau on Vimeo.


Albert Genau, who continues research& development and production activities on balcony glazing systems, contributes to shopping malls becoming life centers with the functionality and efficiency of the new movable façade system Atrium. Atrium can be used to connect indoors to outdoors, without any glass in-between. With this system, stores can provide fresh, open areas that don’t have obstacles to their customers.

To simulate the bazaar shopping experience that’s prevalent in Turkish culture, Atrium enables the customers to shop like they’re walking through a street. This way, the free shopping environment of the old can be presented in a modern setting of a shopping mall. The 130m. façade of Panora Shopping Mall and Life Center, which was established with the ambitious slogan of “Shopping Meets Nature”, was finished with Albert Genau Atrium. This meant that people can be close to the nature when they were relaxing in cafes and restaurants. 

Another field that Atrium and balcony glazing systems can be used is café and restaurant facades. With this system, café and restaurants can utilize their gardens, and provide exclusive spaces for their customers. Because the system relies on the profiles at the top to bring together the glass panels, no profiles are needed at the floor, thus providing an obstacle-free path for when people want to walk in and out when the glass panels are gathered.

Atrium can be produced 2 meters to 2,8 meters high, with or without thresholds. With any color possible in the RAL catalogue, and many wood pattern options, Atrium system offers functionality and modernity to architects, café and restaurant owners, and store keepers.

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