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Eclipse System

Specially designed anodized aluminium hinged junctions for columns. Angular, flat or curved beam styles.

LED lighting options for four sides of the columns with colour options depending on mood.

Wood patterned profile design options. Roof lighting with either spotlights or LED lights, or a combination.

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Eclipse Retractable Awning Systems

Enforced Beam Profiles for Carrying Heavy Weights

85 mm. – 140 mm. Rail profiles are specially designed to be a solution for covering wide areas.

Continuous Active Insulation Gasket

Because the drainage gutter is adjustable according to any slope, the gasket between the Fabric and gutter will never become passive. This is the key factor of perfect isolation.

Hidden Profile Conjunctions – Solid Profile Design (SPC)

System profiles are being attached via hidden profile conjunction parts.There is no connection channel appearing on the surface of the profiles.This helps us to have cosmetic and chic result.

Special Wheal Solutions for Curved Awnings

Evotruck Wheel systems perfect design helping us passing any curve shaped rail without any scratch or stuck.

Evo Truck System Carrier

Albert Genau’s patented Evo Truck system carriers are designed for non-stop movement for both straight & curved systems. Horizontal wheels that are located on the top & bottom of the vertical wheels give a silent & smooth movement. Totally 8 + 1 wheel carries the system perfectly.

Beam Profile – Awning Fabric Gasket System

For perfect air & water isolation Albert Genau R&D team has designed 3 layered Beam Profile – Awning Fabric Gasket System. Additionally there is a high frequency welded gasket system that goes all along fabric for perfect isolation.

Albert Genau Eclipse Tente Pergola Sistemleri Tasarım

Albert Genau Retractable Awning Systems are not only designed for shade also for to create a new space, new area and designed to construct a “unique design”. In the light of this sense “unique design”, awnings, folding window, water drainage, patented evo-truck transport and fixed closure systems, assembly detail, isolation, easy usage are designed integrated.

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LED Lighting Solutions

Adjustable decorative spot lights, Colored LED lights that could be colored in accordance with the design & architecture of the place .All of these options are in your fingertips via remote control.

Anti-Fingerprint Paint

All of the paint used in our systems are Anti-Fingerprint Paints.

Stainless Hardware System

All of Albert Genau awning accessorizes are stainless steel, that is why the system are durable against any weather condition for many years.

3D+ Black-Out Fabric

Albert Genau Awning systems are using the best well-known brands of fabric in Europe. “black-out” technology protects the user from sunlight& heat perfectly. Also optional 3D+ fabrics can enrich the design of the place. All of the fabrics are guaranteed for 5 against any fade.

Somfy Engines

In our systems we use SOMFY French engines that are specialized in industrial engines and are very famous and well known globally .All of the engines are under guarantee for 5 years.

Multi Functioned Remote Control

Radio frequency technology remote control let us control all of the functions from distance.

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