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Automatic Linear Sliding Doors

cambalkon 658929



Usage Areas :  Cafe-Restaurant, Shop, Market, Bank, Hotel, Pharmacy, Assembly Hall, Mall, Hospital, Airport, School, Exhibition Centers, Office Divisions, Fctory Divisions, Passage Solutions For Handicapped person 


  • Least energy consumption
  • Self-learning, intelligent processor
  • Hi-sense radar
  • Full function remote control at your fingertips, all the user settings possible

        - Normal open

        - Partial open

        - Full open

        - Full lock

        - Exit only

        - Entrance only

  • Safety photocell to prevent alive damage
  • The impact resistant laminated safety glass
  • Voltage variation shock protection system, hi-efficiency D.C brushless motor
  • Wide range of  humidity and and temprature conditions that the systems can safety operable ...[-20C,+50C, %95 humidity]
  • Shock absorbing, suspension free carrying mechanism- each has 3 silent wheels
  • Adjustable speed and acceleration control 0-300 cm/sec.
  • Could be opened 4kgf of power, during operation failure
  • Certified limited warranty


Optional :
  • 80 times, on-off function, by using the integrated power supply, hidden inside the case, during power failure
  • Full complianve with "intelligent building automation systems"
  • Possibility of integration with access control systems:

      - Pass card

      - Finger print

      - Knee-elbow pass

      - Face recognation systems etc.

  • Synchrinized sequental passage system
  • Possibility of integration with air curtain system
  • "Push and go" function in a panic condition

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