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Design and Technology

  • Innovative Albert Genau solutions at each part of your window
  • Ideal combination of natural timber and durable aluminium bu using special AG thermal break elements
  • No fire windows and doors for fire rated projects, F30, F60, F90 series...



Whatever you need there is an altimba choice,

  • window
  • doors, to inwards, to outwards
  • pivot window
  • parallel tilt and slide door
  • fold&slide door
  • lift and slide door
  • facade
  • window shutter
  • insect screen


Aesthetic view

Albert Genau approach, perfect combination of natural timber and durable aluminium


hidden hinges

inside-outside different colours

various types of handles of your choices...


cambalkon 260345


Integrated Design Principle

From room door to skirting boards, from parquet to window and mouldings

The same colour and the same natural timber for your elegant and refined design taste


cambalkon 450711


What we did to get ideal isolation for your altimba window system?

  • 4 layered, thermal break, integrated profile design with tripple EPDM gaskets
  • For different needs of Uw values, three different types of profile configuration and variety of glass thicknesses
  • Extra thermal break rooms, by using Albert Genau "gasko-magic" gaskets
  • Continuity of isolation, along conjunction lines of corners,by using special AG corner elements
  • AG design, improved drainage reservoir system
  • Gaps between layers to prevent humidity condensation


Security and Endurance

Albert Genau Secumax, security equipment foryour safety.

  • Comfort mushroom locking system
  • Security handles for doors and windows
  • 2.0 mm thickness of aluminium espagnolette and striker screw beds.
  • Duarable PA 66-GF25 glass fiber reinforced, polyamid thermal break elements
  • Excellent stiffness and durability of extruded and hardened special aluminium alloy
  • Care-free aluminum material for all outside climate conditions, elegancy of natural timber inside.

The result,

All problems ended for you and for your new altimba window system,

No warping

No deflaction

No cracking


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