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Be our dealer

For its 30 years of company history, Albert Genau has been the pioneer in analyzing market demands and finding innovative solutions accordingly in building materials supply in Turkey. Thus company’s dynamic and R&D based structure has turned out its fruitful results as a growing number of more than 140 satisfied dealers in Turkey and abroad.

Growing customer demands in building sector do not only require the best quality products but the best design and finishing solutions as well. Also customers are much more conscious about environmental friendly products and energy saving buildings.

Fulfilling these broad expectations of customer with the right solutions has become an increasingly difficult task; therefore being a partner with the right supplier worth more than ever. We invite you to be partners with us as a company of this philosophy. And we see our dealers as our long term partners with whom we add value reciprocally.

We believe the key factor of completing the customer satisfaction cycle is delivering our products to our customers with high quality dealer service. We invite you to grow with us and be our on site partners dealing with our customers where we will be supporting you with the right solutions and best quality products for your customer needs.


What will be your advantages of being Albert Genau dealer?

Dealership pointWith becoming a dealer of just one supplier, you will be offering your customers broad range of complementary products that they demand for their buildings.

Dealership pointYou will get high quality products for reasonable prices which will give you competitive advantage.

Dealership pointWe do not give price offers nor sell products to end users; all the customers who get in touch with us will be forwarded to our dealers of that region.

Dealership pointYou can build your sub-dealer network to which you will deliver finished products.

Dealership pointWe design our products with an aim of enabling our dealers to keep minimum stock and also being able to produce variety of products with less variety of profiles.

Dealership pointFor the product groups other than glazing systems, you get finished products ready for montage. And for glazing systems manufacturing you need two basic machinery, that keeps the investment you will made at a minimum level.

Dealership pointYou will get showroom support, receive product catalogues and promotional items of Albert Genau.

Dealership pointYour workers will get manufacturing and montage training on site.

Dealership pointYou will get our software program which calculates material quantities and costs, gives you work order and make the animation of your project.

Dealership pointYou will get all the accessories that you will use in glazing montage in standardized boxes. So you will be able to calculate the exact costs as well as easily control your stocks.

Dealership pointOur technical department is always ready to support you in your challenging and complex projects as well as consulting of all technical questions.


dealership+manufacturing dealers

How we operate ?

Dealership+manufactoring  For the glazing systems you work as manufacturing dealerships:

dealership+okWe give you on site training about our products, manufacturing and the montage. And support you with our calculation programs, software and montage manuals.

dealership+okFor the orders of your customers, we send you the aluminium profiles as standart 6 meters and also the needed accessories all in standardized boxes.

dealership+okYou take the measures from the customer’s house.

dealership+okYou enter the dimensions of the balcony to the software AG CAD. the program gives the following outputs:

  1. Glass sizes you need.
  2. Profile cutting measures and work instructions.
  3. The number and types of Albert Genau accessory set that will be used.
  4. 2D and 3D animations of the glazing system to present to your customer.
  5. Your total cost of that product that will help you determine your pricing.

dealership+okAccording to outputs of AG CAD. You cut the profiles with the given sizes.

dealership+okAccording to the manufacturing manuals we send, you do the manufacturing of panels and assemble the accessories to them. Then manufacturing of the glazing system is finished.

dealership+okYou deliver the finished product to your customer house and do the montage.

dealership+okAs you supply your customer with a quality product for a reasonable price, you gain one more happy customer.

Dealership+palette  For the rest of the products you can get your products ready made.

  • Awning systems
  • Aluminium-wood window systems
  • Balustrade and façade solutions
  • Automatic sliding/revolving doors

dealership+okWe send the product as a finished product, but our partners may prefer to manufacture them as well.

dealership+okYou basically send the projects to us. We design, manufacture and deliver them to you.

dealership+okAnd you do the montage.



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